History of "espresso"

There are some photos and letters on which the first name of the boat was "Rambo" (horrible!!). The Amercan owner left it for some years in New Orleans in a warft in order to sell it. There it was found by the first German owner who brougt it to nothern Germany by deck freight in 1995. The new name was "La Traviata" (tragic!!). After a refit and buying excellent new sails (Beilken) he won many competitions on the Weser river.
During my first visit on the yacht I could see a good number of bottles of wine, maybe to fit the winners parties.
Later I heard from a sailer who also sailed the Weser, that the sportsmen have not been very sad about the absence of the Fast 40 after it was sold because the silver cans went again into several other hands.

The good story about my acquisition is better told on board on a summer evening ...
Not at least again the name was changed: "espresso" (very special !!). Of couse there is a self constructed small espresso machine part of the equipement.

I needed two summer to lean to handle the ship one hand and another two seasons how to let it go in order for the speed. Changing sails is not often necessary.