Depending to the wide of only 2.45 m the stability of the hull is in the beginning not very high. But the deep keel with the 900 kg of lead gives the crew imediately the feeling of safetyness even when the deck is partly under water. This is also not a problem for the speed. And in the cockpit you will stay dry.
When more wind is blowing, normal yachts have to reduce their sails. This is mostly negative for the performance of the sails and the speed. "espresso" changes rising pressure at once into more speed which means easily 10 knots and more also with acrew of 6 persons.
In these moments yuo can get the unrealistic impression that other ships are very slowly.

The highest speed in the season 2002 was 13.2 max. and more than one hour over 10 knots (single steered).

Safety remark: before entering a harbour you should control the depth in the handbook. If it is not enough, and that is happening quite often, it is clever to lift the keel (only 900 kg, 2000lbs) by means of a winsh. A good result saves the money for a fitness studio.